34.00 150.00 

Thickness: 6, 8,…,25, 30 mm

Density: 340, 350,…, 1000, 1500 g/m2

Width: 1000 mm


Product Description

STRUTO is used as thermal insulation and has excellent sound absorption. STRUTO is manufactured in different thicknesses or in combination with other materials to increase product properties. Uses: eg as soundproofing of motor parts, insulation of beehive, sound filling in doors, etc. STRUTO is produced without a self-adhesive layer, but we are able to apply the self-adhesive layer directly to the whole roll or to each part separately, even from both sides. STRUTO is a non-woven thermally bonded fabric with perpendicularly laid fibers of secondary raw materials and polypropylene staple. At the bottom has a backing fabric.

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