STRUTO15 + Kobemat + Al perforated + self-adhesive layer


Thickness: 21 mm

Dimension: 950×2000 mm

Density: 2300 g/m2

Product Description

Combination of two STRUTO materials and heavy AMS (sandwich) to improve sound insulation. This variant is without self-adhesive layer. STRUTO is used as thermal and noise insulation such as motor noise insulation, hive insulation, acoustic door panels, and more. STRUTO is a non-woven thermally bonded fabric with perpendicularly laid fibers of secondary raw materials and polypropylene staple. AMS is ecologically and hygienically harmless, non-asphaltic, non-flammable, soundproofing, waterproofing rubber with high basis weight, high ductility and ductility.

Additional information

Weight 5000 g

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